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Dr Johnson's Heat Engine™ (Item #GALT™-413) SRP $49.95

With rising gas prices and concern about the future safety of nuclear power, it is more imperative than ever to explore alternative energy sources. One illustration of an eco-friendly, zero emission energy solution is the Clean Heat Engine. This clean energy source utilizes temperature differentials in order to run. No gas or coal is needed which means no carbon dioxide or pollutants of any kind are generated.

The notion of using temperature differentials in heat engines is not a new technology, but recent discoveries in Shape Memory Alloys have made them more cost effective, stronger and more durable. The door to clean, unlimited and easy-to-produce energy is now open.

Using two small containers of water, Dr. Johnson's Clean Heat Engine (one example of Clean Heat Engine technology), generates enough power to drive an LED. On a larger scale, Clean Heat Engines have the potential to utilize the difference between surface seawater, which is warmer, and deep seawater, which is cooler, or simply the heating and cooling of the Earth's surface with every sunrise and sunset. Over time these temperatures come to equilibrium and the new technologies in Clean Heat Engines allow for usable energy to be extracted during this equalizing process.

With only hot and cold water Dr. Johnson's Clean Heat Engine demonstrates how to extract clean energy from low-grade heat and allows interested individuals to discover the endless uses of Muscle Wire® Shape Memory Alloys and find clean and safe energy solutions. We hope this demonstration sparks insight into the possibilities of a pollutant-free energy source and help you move toward a future with less reliance on oil.

Dr. Johnson's Heat Engine™ Coil (Item #GALT™ - 418) SRP $9.95

This is a simple but fascinating demonstration of Muscle Wire® material technology. It looks like a regular spring. Pull it out and it snaps back. It has superelastic properties, so you can pull it out a really long way and it will snap back.

If you pull it out a long way- enough so if it were a normal spring, it would be overstretched and permanently distorted, and hold it for about five seconds, it looks any spring would look if it had been overstretched. But this is a shape memory alloy, and we have set the transition temperature to a bit below body temperature. When you hold it in your hands, you warm it up and it goes back to normal.








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