Application Demonstrations



Bendsoft™ (DA-414) SRP $19.95

The Flexinol® actuator wire Bendsoft™ is used for micro miniature animation in small animated figures, steerable catheters, soft grippers and other devices. The Bendsoft™ works by allowing the Flexinol® actuator wire to contract along one side of a non-compressing strip of plastic. This is a small but effective demonstration of the power of Flexinol®!



Latchbox (DA-419) SRP $19.95

One of the best uses for Flexinol® actuator wire is in electronic locks. The Flexinol® actuator wire provides a small but strong alternative to motors or solenoids. The Latchbox is an example of a simple and low cost latch. The box latches closed and when activated electrically, the small diameter Flexinol® actuator wire contracts opening the latch and opening the lid. This is only one demonstration of one of the many possibilities Flexinol® actuator wire has in latches! What can you dream up?




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