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Muscle Wires® is one of the trademarked brand names owned by Dynalloy, Inc. Dynalloy has been manufacturing and selling its shape memory actuator wires, which are trade named Flexinol®, for over 20 years, and is a leader in the field of Shape Memory Alloy actuators.

In addition to manufacturing, Dynalloy strongly focuses on product and research development, aiding companies and students in finding new and interesting ways to use these materials in place of traditional actuators. The possibilities are endless with this exciting product!

Dynalloy also appreciates the benefits in working with students and professors to learn about these SMA materials. By teaching others about SMAs, not only is the global awareness of this amazing material exponentially increased, but the possibility for future customer innovations is multiplied. This Muscle Wires® website strives to further Dynalloy's commitment to the educational outreach.

Dynalloy SMArt Steps Program which aids students through support and material discounts. If interested in participating in these programs, please contact Dynalloy for further information and submit the questionnaire here:



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