There are now new ways to create motion without motors or solenoids! Using:

Shape Memory Alloys

  Motors and solenoids use coils of conductive wire to generate magnetic fields. Usually creating continuous rotation, or in the case of a solenoid pulling a shaft back and forth. Shape Memory Alloys open up a new world of possibilities to create actuators and motions systems, using a solid state actuator.  


Electrostem™ II Valve
Flexinol® actuator wire is used to proportionally control the airflow. This is a unique addition to a standard Schraeder valve core or stem like those found in automobile tires. Generally, these stems are "on" or "off" depending on whether the internal stem cap is "open" or "closed". The Electrostem™ Valve with Flexinol® actuator wires can very gradually open or close these caps to produce proportionally controlled airflow.
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